Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yawner in Charlotte

Anybody else out there completely disinterested in this weekend's Muffler Bowl (Saturday, 1 PM, ESPN)? Call me a bad fan, but I just can't seem to get too excited about a third tier bowl game against a service academy we've played many times over the years. I'll watch the game, but I won't have my typical BC Boner.

This is the classic can't win scenario: win and you get "big deal it's a service academy;" lose and you get "can't believe you lost to a service academy." Compound that with the twists and turns of the coaching change over the past few weeks, and you've got an interest quotient close to reruns of "A Very Brady Christmas."

Anyway, for those of you interested, here's a Mike Vega article from today's Globe about BC's bad travel reputation. The subject is old, but the article is well-written. Here's the Herald's take on the "weird situation" of having an interim coach and how the players are dealing with it, and the Baltimore Sun's version of the same issue.

Navy will have a distinct home field advantage (sound Boise-like familiar?). Not only is Charlotte just a few hours drive away, but the Navy faithful are pretty fired up over a 9-3 season and a bowl appearance. This local article says they're expecting 20,000 fans. I'd be surprised if BC has 3,000.

Lastly, here's the Herald's salute to outgoing AP 1st team All-America Josh Beekman

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