Thursday, December 28, 2006

Duquesne And Other Thoughts

BC is hosting 3-7 Duquesne tonight and I will be in attendance. The Dukes are an interesting squad. Coach Ron Everhart took over the troubled program and brought in a slew of new faces (only 2 holdovers from the previous year). Some are sitting out the year as transfers, but Duquesne has at least one hotshot freshman, Richard Mitchell (18.1 ppg, 5th in the nation for rookies), and a solid point guard in Aaron Jackson (1st in the A-10 in assist-to-turnover ratio). Duquesne has also grappled with the well-publicized on-campus shooting of 5 of its players following a party in September.

Everhart will miss the game due to medical issues, and a triumvirate of assistants, including 24 year old Richard Pitino (son of Rick), will take the reigns.

In the football world, I note with pleasure that Florida State blew out UCLA last night in the Emerald Bowl. This was the one ACC team I was most worried about because of the matchup. The Bruins were pretty good, they should have beaten Notre Dame at South Bend, and did beat USC in the regular season final. The Seminoles victory augers well for the ACC postseason, and a good showing by ACC schools could atone for some of the PR knocks the league has taken this year. Also, I love the transitive nature of the win: BC beat FSU, FSU beat UCLA, UCLA beat USC, USC crushed ND, ergo BC crushed hated Notre Dame. God, I hate the Irish and their insufferable fans.

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None the wiser said...

That is a pretty scary way to finish a post. Scary in the way it is strangely satisfying. Six degrees of separation to beat ND. I like it.