Monday, December 25, 2006

Injuries Injuries Injuries

The Globe and Herald are reporting today that Jared Dudley will be out a couple of weeks to nurse a nagging foot injury. This comes on top of injuries to John Oates (not that serious foot injury) and Akida McLain (pretty bad ankle sprain). I think this will be a blessing in disguise. The competition is not that tough (Northeastern and Duquesne), and as I mentioned in my last posting, I think Tyler Roche needs to get on the floor so we can see what he can do. Roche was a big time recruit (scholarship offers from Georgetown, NC State and Providence), and from all I've read he is quite a shooter - check out this scout article. The Eagles desperately need an outside threat. Ty Rice, when he can get them off, is just not hitting his shots this year (16-59 from 3 point range), and Sean Marshall is waaay too streaky, and the bad streaks are a helluva lot longer and more frequent than the good ones. At 6'7", Roche will have no problem getting his shot off. And if he can step in and earn a spot in the rotation by exhibiting some long range prowess, BC will be much better off down the road, and won't be so susceptible to the zone defense.

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