Friday, December 15, 2006

Brown Baby Brown!

Looks like Mark Blaudschun of the Boston Globe is thinking like me based on an article in today's paper, that Don Brown of UMass could be a strong candidate for DC when (not if) Whipple is named Head Coach. I talked about that very prospect earlier this week in my "Whipple Boner" posting. Blaudschun and I are also sympatico on TOB: a good steward of the program for sure, but a guy with a ceiling. Love this quote from Blaudschun in that article:

"As solid as O'Brien was in rebuilding the Eagles from scandal and disappointment over the last 10 years, the cocky attitude that all great teams have rarely, if ever, surfaced. The Eagles still had a tinge of doubt, often playing not to lose."

My sentiments exactly! Under TOB, BC never, ever, had a nasty team, just a few nice ones. And "often playing not to lose" is code for "often sleepwalking into WTF." God I'm glad he's gone.

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