Sunday, December 17, 2006

No News is Bad News?

From what we've heard, BC has interviewed everyone they're really interested in, and the two candidates that impress are Mark Whipple and Jeff Jagodzinski. A blogger on Eagle in Atlanta claims to have someone in the know who was "there" (whatever that means) asserting that Father Leahy wants Jagodzinski, one reason being that he's Catholic. If that is indeed the case, the silence might betray a little power struggle between GDF and Father Leahy ("I call the shots in the Athletics Department" v. "it's my fucking college"). I for one would be apoplectic if they pass over The Perfect Coach for BC in favor of some carpetbagging Midwesterner waiting for his phone to ring with the NFL on the line. My contacts (and they're pretty good) tell me that GDF wants Whipple, has wanted him from the get-go, and Whipple badly wants the job. If there is a dispute, GDF should stand his ground, to the point of walking out the door. This will be his signature hire. His legacy, together with the move to the ACC, will be defined by it. He should not allow himself to get trumped by some waddling priest who knows nothing about football.

Parenthetically, I really question the Catholic thing being any kind of factor, and in turn question the juice of this blogger's "contact". The notion that Whipple's religion could torpedo his candidacy would be preposterous if true, unheard of at the bigtime college sports level, and grounds for serious federal and state discrimination claims. And on top of all that, it's completely nonsensical. Would Leahy want only Catholic players? C'mon.

I'm heading out to the BC-Sacred Heart hoops game in a few minutes, and my 4 yr old and 2 yr old boys are wearing "I've Got a Whipple Boner" custom made t-shirts. That's just me doing my little part to send a message to the guys calling the shots.

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