Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stop Sweatin' It

Whipple is a done deal. I have inside information which I am not willing or at liberty to disclose. It's just a matter of dollars right now. My prediction is that the deal will be for about $1M, standard stuff for the ACC, and the contract will be signed tomorrow, Monday at the latest. Whipple can try to negotiate all he wants, but it's tough sledding when you're getting a 300% raise and a higher profile job. The leverage just isn't there (that's what the dog and pony show with the other candidates has been all about). Case closed!


BBBC08 said...

you'd better be right. could you say that possible coordinators could be categorized as "exciting" or more "bible-esque"?

Angry Eagle said...

This guy will be running the show on offense, even with an OC. You don't have to worry about BC sitting on the ball and playing not to lose. Whipple knows how to go for the jugular, just check out the points he put up at New Haven, Brown and UMass. When BC has the ball, it's a gonna be fun fun fun. The key is who he tabs as DC.