Friday, March 2, 2007

Last Night's Developments

I'm still not sure whether GTech upsetting UNC last night is good or bad for BC, as the Yellow Jackets will have everything to play for against the Eagles this weekend, but they might have a tough time getting up for BC after such a big win over the Tar Heels. In any event, The UNC loss coupled with the Virginia win over VTech has BC a few steps closer to an improbable No. 1 seed in the ACC tourney. As a practical matter, it doesn't mean a whole helluva lot given the parity in the ACC this year, but it would be good to have the bragging rights associated with the Eagles being regular season champs. There's still a long way to go though, and here's what has to happen:

1. BC has to beat GTech;

2. Duke has to beat UNC at UNC: and

3. Wake has to beat Virginia at home.

I could easily see none of the above happening, and #3 looks the most unlikely.


Jasjacar said...

Wake helps if BC can take care of business it will all come down to Duke/UNC. Since BC has not played in a week it will be a good test of Skinner to see if he get them ready to play tomorrow. Should be fun.

Angry Eagle said...

The VTech game is also important. If VTech, Virginia, UNC and BC are tied for first, it's VTech #1, UNC #2, BC #3 and Virginia #4. If it's just UNC, BC and UVA, BC gets the #2 seed. So we gotta root pretty hard for Clemson to take VTech out of the picture. I'd also like to see Clemson win because that W plus one more in the ACC tourney probably gets them into the NCAAs, meaning the ACC would have 8 teams get bids.

Bravesbill said...

Nice performance by BC once again. Al is given 8 days to prepare for this game and that's the best performance he can muster. What an absolutely dreadful in-game coach.