Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thoughts on Tech

I can't decide whether BC should root for GTech over UNC tomorrow, or the other way around. On the one hand, if GTech pulls the upset, BC would have a decent chance of catching UNC for first place in the ACC, provided the Tar Heels went on to lose at home to Duke this weekend. But BC would also have to beat GTech in Atlanta, and a GTech win over UNC would mean BC would be facing a hungry Yellow Jacket squad with everything on the line for them -- a win gets them in and a loss sends them to the NIT. The arena would undoubtedly be packed with loud, screaming students, it would be one tough road game.

On the other hand, a loss would really take the wind out of GTech's sails. They'd be looking at the NIT no matter what they did against the Eagles. The arena would be about half full, and the GTech players would probably be playing letdown hoop.

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jablo1312 said...

Gotta root for UNC in this game, while a chance for first place in the acc is great, playing a pumped up Georgia Tech team in front of a rabid crowd would be extremel difficult, and if BC loses this one, and exits in the first round of the conference tourney(unlikely but possible), our seed could really drop. Some have claimed that our seed doesn't really matter, and that all that is important is how we match up with any team. Regardless, a higher seed couldn't hurt, and I would much rather have a 6,5 or even 4 seed and play a mid major(winners of weak conferences like the southern, horizon, ohio valley) or a weaker Big 6 conference team, like michigan, georgia, villanova, then get a 7,8,9 and play tougher team around the same seed( tennessee, texas tech, michigan state.