Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doug Gottleib = A-Hole

Did anybody hear that little weasel Doug Gottleib's comments about BC after the game? I know it's easy to bash a team after a thumping like last night, but BC did NOT pad their ACC resume with bottom feeder wins, contrary to what that little prick said.

First of all, of the 4 conference leaders, BC is the ONLY team without a home-and-home series against at least two of the conference also-rans (Wake, Miami and NC State). The Eagles played the Hurricanes twice, but got State and Wake just once, and both on the road. Compare this to the rest of the heavyweights: Virginia played Miami and Wake twice each (and lost to Miami), VTech played NC State and Miami twice each (and got swept by NC State), and UNC got Wake and State twice each (and lost to State).

With a league that is widely acclaimed to be the toughest in the country top-to-bottom, where teams like Miami upset Virginia and NC State knocks off UNC, it's outrageous to discredit BC for taking care of business against good, solid conference foes. Whatta fool. Furthermore, Gottleib seems to forget that BC beat Virginia and split with VTech. So with the loss to UNC last weekend, they are 2-2 against the ACC elite, more than holding their own. I'll stack their nine wins up against those of anyone else. If any team is a fraud up top, It's Virginia - they're 0-3 against BC, VTech and UNC.

One other thing got on my nerves in the postgame show, and that's the continued reference to the Vermont and Duquesne setbacks as "horrible" losses. Yes, historically those are weak teams, but college basketball is not a history course. Vermont is a damn good team THIS YEAR, Doug, they're 22-6 with an RPI of 84 and coasting to their conference championship. Duquesne is a middle-of-the-pack A-10 squad that has beaten the likes of 20-7 Xavier (RPI 43) and 16-10 St. Louis (RPI 72). Should BC have beaten them? Certainly, but look around the country, and there are very few teams without a loss or two of that ilk. And remember, BC was without Sean Williams for the Vermont game, and without Dudley and Oates for the Duquesne loss.

What's the deal with Gottleib? I don't hear him talking about VTech losing to Marshall or Western Michigan. I don't hear him talking about Virginia losing to Appalachian State or Utah. I wanted to reach through my TV last night and straggle that little pussy.

By the way, I looked up Gottleib on Wikipedia, and was interested to learn that he transferred from Notre Dame to Oklahoma State after being kicked off the team for and eventually convicted of credit card fraud. So who's the real fraud here, Dougie?

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Matthew said...

I couldn't agree more... I was a fan of his before this, but he just flat out didn't do his homework