Saturday, February 24, 2007

Clemson Game

Big win, though I don't think either team played well. But getting that 10th conference win is kinda like heading to the stripe down by one and making the first of 2 free throws. There'll be no pressure to win next week at GTech, and if BC can come out of Atlanta with a W, they'll coast into the NCAA tourney, and have a very good chance at tying for 2nd in the conference (Virginia and VTech play each other this week).

Also, this win pretty much locks up a bye in the ACC tourney. The only way BC could miss out on the bye is if Duke beats both Maryland and UNC, and the Eagles fall to GTech.

Dudley played great (23 points, 10 boards), and Rice was solid (14 points, but 4 TOs). Blair (5 boards, 6 blocks) was huge in the defensive paint - it was a completely different game down low when he was there instead of Mr. Soft.

On the negative side, Shamari Spears had another invisible game, and it sure looks like he's hit the rookie wall. In fairness, he reportedly had back problems, which is why Tyler Roche got the start. Roche was also invisible. So was Marquez Haynes, though he played some decent straight up D. Oates was bad again, but thanks to Blair not so bad he cost them.

Marshall had a weird game. A huge first half, but what the hell was up with him in the 2nd? It looked like he dropped a wager on the Tigers at the break. I counted 4 turnovers, and 2 shoulda couldas. When BC went up 44-38, he almost single-handledly let Clemson back in with 2 bricks and 3 turnovers in 5 straight trips down the floor. Then he missed the front end of a one-and-one with the Tigers clawing back. Aaaargh, he is such a frustrating player.

But enough bad stuff. I liked the effort today, I saw stretches of intense defense and passion that I didn't see at all in the Duke and VTech games. They need to keep it up next week and they need to again get big games out of at least two of the big three. GTech will be hungry, as they need a loud win to burnish their NCAA credentials.

I really, really, really want a win at GTech to make me feel comfortable. I know with 10 wins in conference and a Top 30 RPI, BC should be a lock even if they go down next week. But losing 4 of 5, losing ugly to Duke and VTech on national TV, losing Williams, and losing to Vermont and Duquesne earlier in the year, I'd be nervous at 19-10. I want to see BC play themselves in so there is no squirming come Selection Sunday.

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