Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Recruiting Classes

With the Twin Dope Dismissals, Al Skinner's class of '04 (Sean Williams, Akida McLean, Gordon Watt) is pretty much a total washout, despite having a boatload of talent (Watt transferred to Purdue and is starting and scoring 9 ppg for the Bolermakers). Yes, John Oates was kinda sorta in that class, but was not so much a recruit but a late signee after he fell through the cracks and was offered an open scholarship in August, much like Jared Dudley the year before.

The dismissals will not only hurt the Eagles this year for obvious reasons, but next year as well, when BC will be sorely lacking senior leadership. Skinner has done a great job over the years adding 2 new players or so to the rotation every season, blending veterans with newcomers. That formula has led to continuity and success. It will be broken next year. However, as is well documented in prior postings and on other blogs, BC will be welcoming its best and largest class next year (5 solid recruits). Let's hope the kids can play, or it could be a long season of growing pains.

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