Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bowl Thoughts

All this hand-wringing over our travel rep is, in my view, just that. We don't travel well because we don't have a huge following, you either went to BC or you hate BC. However, fortunately for BC (and unfortunately for college football fans in general), the BCS has ruined the bowl system. I am old enough to remember when New Year's Day mattered, when there were 8 games or so and every one of them had some kind of national championship implication. No more. Now the only game that counts is the championship game, and to a lesser extent the other three BCS bowls. The rest of the games are ESPN filler. Let's face it, there really is not much of a difference in interest between the Gator Bowl and the Poinsetta Bowl, and I'll bet the ratings back that up. Hey that's a good thing for BC - the watering down of importance means it's all or nothing for everyone, not just BC. Either you play yourself into a BCS bowl or you go to one of the countless Who Cares Bowls. The only people watching those games are the fans in the stands and their followers back home. I guarantee you that no one outside of Auburn and Clemson circles will be watching the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with more than passing (or gambling) interest. Same goes for the Champs.

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