Thursday, March 15, 2007

Big Win Over Texas Tech

What a nice win today over the Red Raiders. I know it was uncomfortable from a BC perspective (no lead is big enough), but if you were a neutral observer, you would come away thinking BC had the upper hand through most of the game, and was the better team.

This game shows you what BC can do when they play well. They got big production from their big three scorers, Marshall, Rice and Dudley (66 points combined), 11 bonus points and some key three-point shooting from Oates, and some solid interior defense from Blair. The rest of the guys didn't contribute much, but we didn't need them.

The thing I really like about this win is that all the pressure is off, and they're in a great position to steal a Sweet Sixteen berth against a very good, but beatable, Georgetown team. If BC gets the same production out of the likes of Marshall and Oates, I like our chances.

Great week so far for the ACC as well. In addition to the BC win, Maryland won today over a dogged Davidson squad, and Clemson and NC State won their opening round NIT games.

I like the fact that Georgetown is smoking their 1st round opponent. History dictates that when high seeds win easy in the opening round, they come out slow in the 2nd game. I hope BC can take advantage.

PS: For all the "In Game" Al Skinner bashers out there, Hall of Famer Bobby Knight made him look like a genius. Letting 20 seconds tick off down by 7 with 90 seconds left before you start fouling? And then realizing the Red Raiders had 3 fouls to give? Hilarious!

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Jasjacar said...

Good to see Oates and Marshall actually contribute in a big game. It is too much for Tyrese and jared to carry this team by themselves. They need support and hopefully Oates and Marshall can step upagainst the Hoyas.

What is the story with Spears? He is basically out of the rotation while Roche has done nothing in the starting line up. I can't believe Spears would be worse than Roche.