Friday, February 16, 2007

Soliciting Feedback

Musing about the guys on the team, just curious what people in blogosphere think are BC's:

1. Most Improved Player

2. Most Disappointing Player

3. Most Consistent Player

4. Most Inconsistent Player

5. Most Valuable Player (you will be surprised at my answer here)

6. Key to the Rest of the Season


DougBushBC said...

I think my answers are pretty standard here, but:

1) Tyrelle Blair

2) (Other than Sean Williams), Shamari Spears (only because we had far to high expectations)

3) Tyrese Rice

4) Sean Marshall

5) Has to be Tyrese Rice. JDuds is the leader and the best player, but MVP is TRice because he keeps the team going and makes the difference in almost every game.

6) More consistent Play from Marshall, good team coordination.

Thanks, love the feedback idea!


Jasjacar said...

1. Most Improved Player - Tyrelle Blair - before the weed outs (Williams and McClain) he looked like he was playing soccer out there. In the past 6 games he has played solid defense and proved to be a legimate shot blocker. He can also finish around the hoop which morem than I can say about 75% of the BC team.

2. Most Disappointing Player - Marquez Haynes. I honestly thought it would be a Haynes/Rice backcourt by the time the ACC season started. But Marquez has proven to be reckless with the ball and inconsistent with his shots.

3. Most Consistent Player - Dudley, unbelievable consistency minutes, scoring, rebounding. ACC player of the year non doubt. (it could also be Oates because he has been consistently horrible all year)

4. Most Inconsistent Player - Marshall, when he's on he can carry the team,but when he's off he's horrid.

5. Most Valuable Player (you will be surprised at my answer here)- Dudley, he's their heart and soul.

6. Key to the Rest of the Season - Skinner. Will he realize that Oates should not paly more than 8 minutes a game. Will he have the guts to pull Marshall when he's off. I would much rather have a inconsistent Haynes or even Tyler Roche playing the most of the second half than a cold and invisible Marshall.

Adam said...

I agree with much of what Doug has said. My answers are:

1. Tyrelle Blair - stepping up to fill William's shoes has been a surprise to me.

2. John Oates. He seems to be getting worse every game and isn't getting the points or rebounds he got last year.

3. It's either Rice or Dudley. Until the Duke game, I would have said Dudley, but Rice has been the most consistent this season.

4. Sean Marshall, easily.

5. I'm going to go with Dudley. After the Williams / McClain dismissal, he was the one who brought the team back together and gave them the confidence to win again.

6. Oates stays in the paint the rest of the season, no more hanging out at mid court.

Matthew said...

Improved - Tyrese Rice. You said nice things about his transition this year... He is one of the best PGs I have seen this year, and he is limiting his turnovers. He is so hard to stop when he drives to the hoop (if we could only get someone to rotate back on transition defense...)

Disappointing - Marquez Haynes. I loved this guy last year, and I think with time next year he could develop, but I was hoping for a better showing this year. However, his defense is under-rated and perhaps under-used.

Disappointing B - Akida McLain. Everyone focuses on the loss of williams, but the loss of McLain was huge. This guy was long, athletic, and would have made a huge impact if healthy and responsible. Imagine if we had him today off the bench, to match up on wright.

Consistent - Jared Dudley. Hard to not say this. You know the intangibles he brings every game, and no matter how many points he has at any point, he usually ends up with his 20.

Inconsistent - Sean Marshall. From the other end of the senior spectrum, Marshall's inconsistency has long been documented.

Valuable - Jared Dudley. There are only two choices here, and I prefer the all-american. Although Rice is very important and our second best ball-handler might be Tyler Neville, I think that this team is who it is because of Skinner, and Dudley. His influence off the court and in practice cannot be over looked, and Rice has been able to develop partly because of Dudley.

Key - matchups / focus. if this team focuses for 40 minutes, it is very tough to beat. Also, we can compete against top level teams, but certain teams bring much harder matchups (big teams like Florida, etc.) But I dunno if ANYONE can matchup with them, so that's not really fair.

Christopher said...

My 2 cents:

1) Tyrese Rice - he was only a scorer last year, now he really looks like a pt guard

2) Tie: John Oates and Akida McLain. I like Oates and want him to do well, but he has regressed as a player this year. But McLain's year - the suspension, the injury and then expulsion - really frustrate me. I thought he would give the team some good forward play, and if he had played just half the season (instead of two games) I think BC has at least two more wins.

3) Dudley

4) Marshall

5) Dudley

6) More minutes for Blair, getting Dudley 15-20 shots a game

BCNorCal07 said...

1) Tyrelle Blair has been much better lately. His defense has picked up the team the past couple weeks. This was Shawn Williams' spot, but we all know how that worked out.

2) I choose neither of the Rastas. I would instead go with Marquez Haynes. His defense has been solid, but when he is handling the ball, oh no. That and he can't shoot.

3) JD

4) Shamari Spears. He has games where he's a beast (at Miami) and games where he's a non-factor (Duke). Which is it gonna be? Especially since he'll face competition at the 4 next year.

5) Tyrese Rice. He won the first Florida State game. And the second. Without his scoring and passing, Dudley would have no chance and we would be last in the conference. Oh, and he's a good defender too.

6) Rebounding. Not just rebounding from the Duke loss, but actual rebounding. When we let teams get away from us, it's because we give up too many second-chance points. Just look at any of the tape from the Duke games. Our defensive rebounding has just not been very good.

bizarro said...

1. Most Improved Player - from last year? Rice. From beginning of this season? Blair.

2. Most Disappointing Player - (assuming Marshall and McClain aren't eligible) Haynes and Spears

3. Most Consistent Player - Rice

4. Most Inconsistent Player - Marshall

5. Most Valuable Player (you will be surprised at my answer here) - Rice

6. Key to the Rest of the Season - better team defense. Also, all three of the Big Three need to be more consistent instead of the current good 10 minutes vanish for 10 minutes pattern

BCMcG said...

1. Most Improved Player - Tyrese Rice - He's a point guard now. He does a much better job protecting and distributing the ball and it hasn't hurt his point production.

2. Most Disappointing Player - Marquez Haynes - While Oates hasn't had a good season, I expected great things from Haynes and his performance has fallen short of these expectations. He seems to have improved his shot and his defense is pretty good. However, I don't think there's another aspect of his game that hasn't regressed. Last year, he was a smart player who knew his limitations and played within his abilities. This year, he turns the ball over far too much and makes me nervous every time he has the ball.

3. Most Consistent Player - Jared Dudley - What more can I say about Dudley that hasn't already been said?

4. Most Inconsistent Player - Sean Marshall - This is an easy one. Just when you think he's evolved into a consistent 15-20 point scorer he puts up 8 points per game and shoots 30% from the field over a 4 ACC game stretch. Even in his final month at BC, you never know what you're going to get from him. I really do respect the progress he has made this year and I will miss him, but that doesn't keep him from being inconsistent.

5. Most Valuable Player - Jared Dudley - I recognize that Tyrese Rice has had a great season, but the MVP is undoubtedly Dudley. He's one of the best we've ever seen at the Heights.

6. Key to the rest of the season - We need to improve our defense. It has been horrible and we have somehow managed to win in spite of it. Also, the players' legs holding up. They have logged a lot of minutes this season due to our lack of depth. It has showed in the last couple games and I hope it doesn't haunt us the rest of the way.