Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hurricanes in Town Tonight

Christ, it's pretty lame that the Globe and the Herald both failed to publish a game day article on a Boston College ACC tilt for the third game in a row. That is unheard of down South, and gives substance to the tired refrain of opposing coaches on the recruiting trail deriding Boston as a "pro sports town." In any event, here's the preview of tonight's game from the perspective of the Miami Herald. Thank God for the Internet.

BC has won 5 in a row and Miami is in a downward spiral, having lost 5 of 7. So BC should roll, right? Not so fast. If history teaches us anything, it's that the Eagles time and again come out flat in circumstances like this, and Miami has always given BC trouble. Getting off to a good start against the Hurricanes this evening is thus critical - smack them down and don't take your foot off their neck.

Yesterday, this Article came from the Boston Herald about Sean Williams' defense improving at the expense of his shot blocking. The writer takes the position that setting up the blocks puts Williams out of defensive and rebounding position. I couldn't agree more. In my post after the Duquesne game, that was my big criticism. Williams and Blair had 17 blocks combined, but BC was killed on the offensive boards, and the overall defense was terrible, swats notwithstanding. There has been a marked improvement in overall defense since that game, and the Herald article credits Skinner for the adjustment, citing player quotes. Another example of why the guy is a great coach.

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