Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hartford Beating

Wells this was a good ol fashioned ass-whuppin,' with the Eagles beating Hartford 94-60 tonight. Yes Hartford sucks, but let's give the guys credit for coming out with fire and putting the wood to the Hawks from the get-go.

Non-conference January games can be a letdown, but the Eagles were having no part of that, and the easy win served as a great tuneup for a huuuuge home game against VTech Saturday afternoon. By the way, the Hokies inexplicably lost at home tonight to crappy NC State of all teams, which really helps BC in the standings. Looking ahead perhaps, VTech?

Aside from taking care of business, there were a number of positives. A lot of guys found their stroke from downtown, with 14 treys overall (the most in a game for BC ever), and just about everyone played well (Ty Rice had 13 assists, John Oates had 11 points and Tyrelle Blair had a great big man line with 6 points, 7 boards and 7 blocks ). But the thing I like the most is that Tyler Roche finally got an extended look (20 minutes), and responded with 12 points on 4 three-pointers. Everything I read about this kid as a prepster was that he is a deadly shooter from long range, and BC desperately needs a guy like that in the rotation. I really really hope he earned some minutes with his performance tonight. The bench is too shallow, and there aren't enough guys in the rotation who can bury the rock from long distance. BC could use a guy like Roche.

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