Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Baaaaaad News for BC

Sean Williams and Akida McLean were booted off the team today according to multiple sources, including ESPN's Andy Katz in this Article. The rumor I heard from a guy close to the program is that they were caught lighting up a doob after the game. I also heard McLean's earlier 9 game suspension was for dealing drugs.

Un-friggin-believable how goddamn stupid these guys are. Williams went from surefire NBA 1st rounder if he declared this year, and possible lottery pick if he played his senior year and continued to improve. Now if he makes it anywhere, it will be despite all the baggage he has to drag around with him . We're talking millions and millions of dollars he just lost. Williams' children, let alone his great great great great grandchildren, just lost their trust funds. If our legal system were perfect, they could sue him for idiocy with no statute of limitations precluding their claims. And McLean? That guy was the ultimate unfulfilled promise - a long 6'9" lefty with a nice shooting touch. He could have turned himself into a great college player, and perhaps work himself into the NBA or a good Euro league. No chance now, I'll bet he never even graduates from college anywhere. I've always said there is a fine line between being an NBA guard and a security guard, McLean will learn that the hard way.

So where does that leave the Eagles? When I first heard the news, I was driving in my car and I had a very visceral, profane reaction. But as I calmed down, I got more rationale. The loss is really limited to Williams. It's a big loss for sure, he is a spectactular talent who can change games. But maybe Tyrelle Blair can step in a little, and maybe Shamari Spears can step up a little and fill some of the gap. Though BC could have used a healthy McLean, his absence will be no great loss - he's barely played this year, and the team has done just fine without him. And really, maybe it's good riddance to both of these bad apples. We only hear the result. Given their multiple suspensions and second chances, these thugs must have been brazenly flouting team rules at least, and the law at worst. I don't see how that could not have been disruptive for the rest of the team.

Al Skinner has faced more adversity this year than in any year of his career. The Eagles had lost 25 man-games to injury or suspension through last night's game, all of which involve rotation guys (mostly starters). That figure will balloon to 51 with Williams and McLean off the team for the balance of the season, and that's if everyone else stays healthy (Dudley?) and out of trouble (Spears?). I'll bet that's more than any team in the country. Teams can go one of two ways when faced with adversity - they can either crumble or pull together. I hate to sound like a homer, but I think this BC team will be fine. Jared Dudley and Sean Marshall seem like good kids, and this is their team and their senior years. I think they will pull the team together and circle the wagons. And I think the finality of having these losers off the team will be like a breath of fresh air around Conte Forum. What the hell, that's my prediction and I'm sticking to it - look for a big loud win over Clemson this Saturday.

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