Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'll Take It

Let's give credit where credit is due: to Spags and the players. Although they played flat, especially in the first half, I'd say it was as difficult for the players to get up for this game as it was for the fans. And the fans, especially this one, were not up for the game. But they won despite being pushed all over the field for 59 minutes or so, and that's all that matters.

I have a few takes on the game.

BC's disinterest was evident by one aspect of their game early and often: poor tackling. Tackling is all about fire and effort, and when you see guys arm tackling and lettting people bounce off for extra yardage (yes, Mark Herzlich, you), then you're just not up for the game.

Ryan Glasper, a great player, had perhaps the worst game of his season, perhaps his career. Glasper was out of position all day, blew deep coverage on the first Navy touchdown, and, along with his secondary mates, could not figure out how to defend or help on the option pitch. 350 yards on the ground? That's all on the DBs, Navy had little of that up the middle. I could not believe how successful the Middies were. BC knew it was coming and must have defended against in it practice for a month.

The playcalling on the final drive was ridiculous. I know they were trying to center the ball and not screw up (i.e., holding call, interception, sack), but c'mon. You can throw a couple of safe outs or go for a corner endzone toss. Ryan is too smart to screw up in that situation. BC dodged a bullet by placing all its eggs in one basket with a shaky walk-on kicker who had never made even a 40 yard field goal, and who had missed an extra point that day. Maybe it was Dana Bible all along.

I'm glad this is over, and I'm talking about the TOB era. It felt like BC when they were still in the Big East but had committed to the ACC. Let's get on with it and start kicking ass next year.

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