Monday, December 11, 2006


The BC win over Marlyand last night, coupled with the win over Michigan State, goes a long way toward atoning for the Vermont and PC sins. In fact, the PC loss isn't looking that bad - they have an RPI of 45, and are 7-2 overall (with an ugly early loss to Brown and a respectable loss to Florida). Vermont was ugly, no doubt about that, but many many NCAA tournament teams over the years have stubbed their toes in November games and rebounded nicely. And BC has a built in excuse (Sean Williams did not play). If BC can somehow squeak by Kansas and hold serve against the rest of their out-of-conference bunnies, BC should be right back where they started, probably ranked in the high teens as conference play really kicks in. I think it would be great for this BC squad to make the NCAA tourney this year. I know that sounds modest with Jared Dudley on the team, but BC is coming off a fantastic PR year and has its best recruiting class in 30 years coming in next year. So if they can have the continuity of NCAA appearances in 6 of 7 years (the one miss being the year BC was everyone's "Bubble Team That Got Jobbed"), they will continue to move up the pecking order on the national radar.

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Joe Grav said...

I like having another new BC blog esp. one that covers hoops. But why does every BC blog have to be angry in some way? hah