Wednesday, December 13, 2006

BC Honor Roll

Josh Beekman was named AP 1st Team All-American yesterday (Globe). That's quite an honor, and I think he had a great year. But I am a little surprised. I think BC's line was pretty suspect this season. They had a lot of trouble running the ball against any semblance of a stout defense, and frankly I think it was the weakest O-Line they've had in 10 years. But I'll take it, and I think it speaks volumes about BC's reputation as O-Line U, which can only help in recruiting the oxen of the future.

Also, Jared Dudley was named ACC Player of the week. No surprise there. That guy has been incredible lately, and has really stepped up his game. I didn't think that was possible - he's been great for three years coming in. But it amazes me how he just lets the game come to him. Have you checked out his field goal percentage lately? I was worried coming into this year that he was going to force things as he stepped into the Craig Smith vacuum, but that hasn't been the case. Dudley picks his spots and continues to do the little things (e.g., take charges, draw ticky tack fouls on the opponent's star) that help the team win. I think he is on pace for serious consideration as a 1st team All-American, which would be a first for a BC hoopster. I also think he will be a 2nd round draft choice in the NBA and be a productive rotation guy at the next level. The comparison I keep coming back to is Shane Battier, with a little less athleticism.


Joe Grav said...

you forgot women's hockey rookie of the week kelli stack!

and co-ed sailing.

don't you pay attention to the scoreboard in between whistles?

Angry Eagle said...

I can't see much around my Whipple Boner.